Carla Thomas

Carla, Gato's spunky girlfriend



Carla Thomas is a native of New York City. She only moved to Star City when her dad got a job in a construction company. Everything was doing well for her family until the V’sori arrived. The war against the super-humans become a burden to them financially. During those turbulent times she meets Gato. Her parents fled Star city but she stayed on, not for herself but for Gato. She thinks that Gato needs her more than he ever thinks.

Carla, is a looker. She is a little too straight forward for her own good. If she knows she is right she’ll fight to the death for it. Which, has gotten her into trouble more than once. She has been with Gato, 9 months. Feels like years if you ask her. She loves Gato for who he is, but she would like him to try to move forward from were they are now. She is only 18, but she thinks more like a 25 year old. Her parents taught her to be independent earlier on.

Carla works for a local modelling company. She has done ads, being a promo girl and some independent film work. She’s been in one adult film when she really needed the money. She regrets it and never mentions it to anyone. Though she’s been offered the job several times and she would turn them down every time.

Carla Thomas

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