Character Creation and PbP Rules

The L.O.S.T: Legion of Super Trouble
A PbP game based on Necessary Evil Campaign

Savage Worlds

Era: The Modern Day – 2014

You use to be a member of a group called The L.O.S.T. You have been with the super villain team for quite some time. You have fought with them, stole, and got thrown in jail more than once. Those damn, Super Teeny Weenies has been always there to stop you. But when the alien scum arrived things got worse. They defeated the goodies and pointed their claws to other supers including you. The team decided to disband, and go its separate ways.
You have been living normally the past year. Well, as normal as any super villain could. Probably, with small petty thefts here and there.
When, out of a blue you receive a letter. The letter had a marking on it. The marking of The L.O.S.T.

The feel of the game will be comedic and super heroic. You will play super powered teen villains turned heroes to save the world from the wrath of the alien scum. The game will be light, melodramatic at times(teen drama) and super powered most times. I would like to have fun and not go over the top with the rules. So, create teen villains that will be like those seen from the Rogues gallery of the Flash Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Reverse Flash, etc.. Or the Batman Villains The Riddler, Penguin, etc. I just have to remind everyone that these villains are not EVIL. I will not allow players to create characters who kill and maim because that is in their nature as villains. That is not the theme of NE, if you want to play something like that join another PbP and not this one.

Excerpt from the NE Book:__
“Necessary Evil is all about playing the villains of four-color comics, with their grand schemes of world domination and destruction. While these villains may be murderous and megalomaniacal, they don’t tend to be mindless killers without purpose. The super-villain you make up should at least have the potential for working with other super-villains. While playing a completely antisocial psychotic does have its charms, it does not usually make for good team game-play. Take some time to consider why your villain would cooperate with other villains, especially under the circumstances. Your villain could certainly murder his fellow compatriots at a later date to serve his own goals, but for the time being, he ought to realize he’s more powerful with others by his side.”

Disallowed Origins / Special Effect:
No Magic, No Time Travel, No Alternate Dimensions, No Mind Control.

Character Generation Rules:
1. Create a Novice character with 10 points of xp. Follow creation rules on the deluxe book and on the setting book.
2. Powers (if any) should be concise with the concept. i.e. Elemetal kid (ice & fire), NOT Super Kid (Flight and super stretching)
3. All characters are teenagers, ages 13 to 17.
4. All characters are subject to approval. Send me your concepts with complete background story.
5. All characters would have known each other one time or another. They all have been members of The LOST before it got disbanded.
6. I reserve the right to flesh out details of a character’s background, during play.

Play by Post Rules:
● Don’t make decisions or give direction for any characters that aren’t your own.
● No one-sentence posts. All posts must be at least a paragraph, so that other players will have something to work with and respond to.
● All players must post at least once every 3 days.
● To avoid confusion, post messages that are meant to be out of character as “OOC.”
● You are not allowed to post on any other players forum post, that is what the comment area is for.
● Update your character sheet whenever possible. Make sure to include a picture. (I like pictures, that’s why!) An update or a comment every week is an additional 1 xp.

Character Creation and PbP Rules

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